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Welcome to the eBusiness Training Center!
My name is Che Alim Che Haron and I'll be your guide...

Wednesday, 11:48 a.m.
Re: YOUR internet success

Dear Entrepreneur:

I'll get right to the point.  I've teamed up with well known web marketing consultant, Jimmy D. Brown, to put together a set of tools and resources guaranteed to help ANYONE (that's you :-) quit their job and earn a full-time living working from their home.

Sound unbelievable?  It's not.  Jimmy earns a six-figure income online while working from his living room (and taking care of his 4 month old baby boy!) and has revealed for the first time his incredibly easy formula for success. 

First of all, we've got a FREE report, "How to Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month."  Regardless of who you are or what you are marketing, I GUARANTEE you this report will show you how to quickly and easily sell more.  A lot more.  Click Here for the free report.  A small popup screen will appear for you to access the free report.  No strings attached.

You also have access to three very informative eBooks (still 100% FREE) on internet marketing...

That will get you started, but if you really want to learn Jimmy's formula for success, then you need to see his gameplan in action.

You see, most people come online with hopes and dreams of earning a full-time living, but they don't have a gameplan.  They try climbing the success ladder, but they skip several of the *very important* rungs... 

...and they find themselves failing. 

Soon, they quit and become yet another statistic, contributing to the 95% of internet business owners that fail to make a profit. 

We've boiled everything down to 9 important steps, or "rungs" as we like to call them, that will help ANYONE get to the top of the Internet Success Ladder.  All of them are critically important.  You can't skip any, or you'll end up back at the bottom. 

What are the 9 "rungs" on the ladder?  Glad you asked. They are... 

    • Develop a high demand product that YOU keep 100% of the sales from. 
    • Design a killer website that practically forces people to make a purchase. 
    • Generate consistent, targeted traffic to your website. 
    • Automate your entire system to free up your time. 
    • Work the "back-end" to skyrocket your profits and create multiple streams of income. 
    • Launch a comprehensive web marketing plan. 
    • Create your own automated traffic generators. 
    • Utilize the strength of others by partnering for joint ventures. 
    • Reap the profits of ezine advertising. 
And, of course, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO to earn sales online...

...get thousands of other people to do it for you!  (more on that in just a minute)

Of course, Jimmy  has put together informative manuals and resources for each of these things.  He offers products all over the web like...

      • Free Advertising System: How to get thousands of other people to promote your products for you and market ANY product online with a ZERO-DOLLAR budget.  Click Here
      • Profits Vault Membership: The Internet's Most Complete Web Marketing Mega Course Click Here
      • Infopublishing Explained: 2 Incredible Web Marketing Courses for only $9.97 Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the INFORMATION PUBLISHING tab)
      • Instant Infoproducts:  $1.75 Buys Your Own High-Demand Information Product to Sell Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the RESELL RIGHTS tab)
      • eBook Creator Compiler Software: Powerful New eBook Creator Software Available at 75% Off Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the EBOOK RESOURCES tab)
      • Killer eBook Covers Tutorial: Create Your Own Killer E-Book Covers in Less Than 10 Minutes Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the EBOOK RESOURCES tab)
      • Internet Success Blueprint: Video tutorials that SHOW you how to market online are just a few of the handy features of this private site. Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the NEW RELEASES link)
      • Traffic Virus 2.0 CUSTOMIZED Version: Traffic Generation:  The Web's First Viral Marketing Software Program Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the TRAFFIC GENERATION tab)
      • Autoresponder Magic: Reprint rights to almost 500 pages of information on creating killer autoresponder follow-up messages and courses!  Click Here (When the new window opens, click on the 500 PAGES OF RESELL RIGHTS link)
The above links are working, so go ahead and check out each of the products and see for yourself what they include.  Of course, you can order any of these products individually from the links above if you would like to, but if you would like them ALL...

Like I said, I've been working with Jimmy on a special project that we call the "Top Rung Special."  The "Top Rung Special" is a copy of each of the products above for one low price. Sold separately at their regular prices, the combined price of these products would be $480. 

But, if you order before midnight  , you get all of these products for only $97.00

Friend, check around and see what the "other guys" are offering.  THEIR Private Site membership is $97.00 by itself!  THEIR eBook Software is $97.00 by itself!  THEIR resell rights licenses are $500+  THEIR traffic software is $97.00 by itself.  With the Top Rung Special, you receive it ALL for only $97.00. 

But only if you order before midnight  , so don't miss the deadline or you'll be kicking yourself for a month! 

Click on the links above and check out each of the products themselves, and then return to this page to place your order below... 


When you arrive at the page, in the upper left hand corner you will see a link that reads 
"Internet Success Ladder - Click Here to Order"  Simply click on that link and have your credit card ready, you'll be transferred to our secure server to place your order. 

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